Friends of Rock Hall

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     The Friends of Rock Hall, Inc. is a 501 (3) (c) not for profit organization that works closely with the museum to sponsor programs of interest.  The organization came into existence in 1976 with Mrs. Gertrude Lynch as the first president.  The Friends adopted as their objectives the preservation of the museum as a cultural center and the encouragement of educational programs consonant with the purpose of the organization.  Throughout the decades the Friends have and continue to promote fund-raising activities that make possible educational exhibits, lectures, museum improvements, research on Rock Hall, and much more. 


Board of Directors


President- Douglas Sheer                                                

Immediate Past President- Jean M. Kestel, Esq.              

Vice President- Ellen DeFrancesco, Ed.D.                                       

Treasurer- Joseph Fuller

Assistant Treasurer- Jean M. Kestel

Recording Secretary- Richard Schimmel

Corresponding Secretary- Ann Seligson



Margaret O. Carpenter

Roberta Fiore

Natalie Gliedman

Roberta Ross

Margaret Webster



Denise Daly

Abigail Diamant

Professor Donald Davidson

Patricia Emery

Barbra Feldman

Vivian S. Fuller

Hon. Ronald Goldman

Tibby Hinckley

Jane Keegan

Patricia Lee

Honor B. MacLean

Louis Mauriello

F. Roy Meserole 

Marilyn Nemec

Natalie A. Naylor, Ed.D.

Reva Oliner

Ellie Peterson

Linda Sava

Robert & Synnöve Simon